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FuturTech Awarded Department of Labor Contract

Working with the Delaware Department of Labor for several years, FuturTech designed, developed and continues to support several mission critical systems including a comprehensive case management system for Labor Law Enforcement. On June 30, 2011, FuturTech added a new Workplace Fraud module required by legislation and developed enhancements to the case management system.

FuturTech was awarded a contract to develop a new Scheduling, Case Management, Accounting, and Reporting System (SCARS) for Workers' Compensation. This is the first phase of the two phased effort to convert the division of industrial affairs legacy systems to newer technology.

The Division of Industrial Affairs, hereafter referred to as DIA, maintains several applications to support operations. Many of these applications are considered legacy systems that perform a variety of tasks and maintain administrative information. There are a number of diverse and antiquated development platforms. DIA requested in a series of analysis and planning documents the need to replace these systems with newer more robust databases and user friendly applications. Overall, the management and user personnel all expressed the need to migrate to newer technologies with more features and enhancements.

The analysis of the requirements outlined in two System Requirements Documents detailed the need for a custom, web-based, paperless management system with single point of data entry that permits multiple users access to the same application regardless of the location. The new system has several modules and is to be developed in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

The scope of the project includes developing all the functionality required for the Workers’ Compensation Unit. This includes developing parts of the primary modules that include System Administration, Rules Based Management, Case Management and Processing, Document Management, and Reporting Modules required for supporting the automation of Workers’ Compensation functions and processes performed by DIA. The development of the Workers’ Compensation Unit component of SCARS will take approximately 6.5 months.

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