Non Profit


FuturTech also provides application and network services to Health Care Providers such as surgeons, eye doctors, practitioners, and other medical doctors. FuturTech is knowledgeable of the HIPAA requirements and we have extensive experience in implementing the required guidelines in a health care facility. We currently support the LAN/WAN of several health care providers who have offices throughout the State. We also have experience in the implementation of medical applications. Our work with the Division of Public Health has provided the experience and background to become an expert in health care technology. The following are some of these clients:

  • Delaware Orthopaedics
  • Delaware Eye Surgeons
  • Associates in Cardiology
  • Neurosurgery Associates
  • Dr. Peter Rocca
  • Dr. Allen Fink
  • Dr. Jay Harris, DDS
  • Simon Eye
  • Dental Associates
  • EBS Health Care
  • Delaware Arthritis & Osteoporosis Center

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